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My name is Andrea and I am having a really fun time designing stamps, stickers and ephemera for the modern paper crafter.  I love to do a lot of different things, bullet journaling, junk journaling, planning, paper crafting and memory keeping. I am kind of all over the place. When I look for stamps and other items, I look for ways to use them across all of the crafts that I do.  That is how I come up with designs. I want to make sure that they are versatile and fit into a variety of projects.  That way, the stamps have a lifetime of love ahead of them.

All of our stamps are made from non yellowing, high quality photopolymer.  They are made for a liftime of crafting. We strive to only use eco friendly packaging.  Each stamp set comes with a sturdy, reuseable storage pocket. Our mailers are sourced from recycled materials and are fully recyclable themselves.

I love to hear great stamp ideas. If you have any, be sure to send my way:

Additionally, if you are wholesaler, kit club or store and are looking for information about wholesale inventory or collaborations,  check out my other pages here: Wholesale or Kit Club Collaboration


Andrea Warren

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